Conservatives unite against hand gun bans!

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by ihopehefails, Mar 10, 2010.

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    This upcoming decision by the supreme court about a hand gun ban in chicago is very bad even though it will probably nullify chicago's hand gun ban. It is bad because it is using 'living constitution' argument to lift the ban and twisting the immunity and privelges section of the 14th amendment into something it was not intended to mean. I've always thought of privelages and immunities as something that the congress had to give out specifically like diplomatic immunity. It was not a right but a privelage given for governmental purposes. To extend this to mean that privelages is the right to own guns is to enable all other bad arguments to for living constitution to exist.

    This is the first time I think conservative should fight for gun ban laws because I believe the NRA's approach is wrong. A better one is to think of the 2nd amendment as something that applies universally to all governments within the United States. This would put a restriction on the states not to ban guns since the 2nd amendment state the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. It does not state the federal government can't do it but states that nothing can infringe on your right to bear arms.

    That is just my opinion on this subject.

    Here is a link for more details.

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