Congressional con job

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    All the discussion of the super congress is in all actuality a huge con job. When this president decided to put the triggers in place he did so knowing that no matter what is decided the middle class losses. If The Defense Department is cut it means jobs lost. If entitlements are cut, the middle class lose. You see the trigger never included any measure that could cost the very wealthy anything. If true pressure for a decision was intended, the true holy cow of the right would be increasing taxes on the wealthy such as allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. We can never allow unfair financial breaks for the wealthy and corporations to occur again. If the parties decide to give breaks for the wealthy, we MUST call for an immediate repeal by special vote. The Congress currently is the biggest risk to national security. Examine all the past and future damage to our economy, it greatly affects our ability to defend ourselves.

    Please respond as this is my first post and I enjoy getting to know my fellow chat room participates. Please allow me to get up to speed with the entire process as I am more of a speech person and not a technological communicator.
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