Congress in Sports?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. P, Apr 27, 2005.

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    WTF? Hearings on steroid use in the NFL? Who gives a chit?
    How does that affect the operation of the USA?
    Pandering for votes from the sports fans perhaps?
    That wouldn't surprise me.

    They went for the right to life vote (Terri).
    The big business campaign money with new Bankruptcy law.
    The drug program for old farts, Big votes there..
    Now this..What's next, NASCAR dads? Is the tire pressure okay? No worries
    the race will be fair this weekend, we had hearings on it.

    What have these folks been doing for the Country?
    Nothing as far as I can tell. They have been a failure!

    They need to pay attention to the business of this country, and stop this pandering....
    Maybe work on social security reform, tax reform, and get the damn budget under control, you know, the IMPORTANT things.

    Stop this pandering for votes, it ain't gonna work....
    The hole yer diggin for 2006-08 is getting deeper and deeper boys.

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