Congratulations President Obama

Discussion in 'Congress' started by dgirl77024, Nov 5, 2008.

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    Nope, no sour grapes here. I figure I wouldn't have been much happier if McCain had won because I have never felt either party did their best to give us candidates we could really root for, but the people have spoken and I'm fine with that.

    Now is the time to put all the bickering aside and pull together because we are going to need every ounce of strength we can muster from here on out.

    I hope I have been wrong about Obama. I really mean that, because if I was right, this is going to be a very dark chapter in American history. A very dark chapter indeed.

    Let us all hope President Obama is the great man he tells us he is, the leader he assures us he can be and the hope eveyone has been praying for for so long.

    I'm not going to start in tomorrow morning knocking the man. I will give him my support and my hopes and my good wishes, just like I did George Bush, until he let me down.

    Lets all try to move forward now, bind our wounds, forgive our enemies and hope for a better tomorrow.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with dgirl and would only like to add that without Mr. Mcain's efforts Pres elect Obama wouldn't be where he is.

    I want to congratulate President-elect Obama and wish him all the best, along with offer my earnest support in making this a better country.

    I would like to thank Senator Mcain for all the years of service he has given and for participating in this election. It was not easy for either man or their families.

    I believe both men are to be commended as patriots of the highest order.

    I hope that the next four years are some of the best this country has ever had. If we the people can come together and stop the partisan bullshit, it will be.
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