Congolese warlord convicted of war crimes with the help of ABA ROLI

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    Last month, after years of efforts, the warlord Marcel Habarugira Rangira, lieutenant colonel of the Congolese armed forces, was convicted of war crimes before a military tribunal in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mireille Kahatwa Amani was one of the chief attorneys from the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative who worked to convict him.

    Habarugira had created an armed group, the “Nyatura Intégré,” in the territory of Masisi in the eastern DRC. For several years, the Nyatura caused desolation and destruction in a large part of Masisi in their confrontation against another armed group, the “Raiya Mutomboki,” created by another tribe. Child conscription, rape, sexual slavery, looting—these are some of the sufferings that the Nyatura rebels inflicted on the children, women and men of this territory.

    The arrest of Habarugira on Aug. 7, 2014, by the Congolese armed forces was a trigger of hope for these populations to finally being able to share their story and find justice.

    We secured a historic decision. It is the first time that a court in the DRC convicted an individual for conscripting and using child soldiers.
    Congolese warlord convicted of war crimes with the help of ABA ROLI

    15 years is not long enough.

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