Concurring With Great Socialist Victories (CNBC?) V. GOP Phony War Invention

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    July 2009 reported continuing unemployment claims were approaching 7 mil. Now, subsequent the "Great(?)" Socialist Interventions of 2009, and 2010, in July, 2010: Continuing unemployment claims are heading down toward the 4.0 mil., mark--and even with all kinds of Continuing Claims money in the statutes.

    Not that the Ivy League has managed to do a "great" stimulus at all. In their way, it is mainly obsceenly expensive. Anyone can guess how they do that.

    We notice that even people trained in the law send their nappy headed ho's to the more expensive, pricey arts schools(?)! Rev. Al Sharpton is especially adept at explaining that basketball is like that. Basketball, at least, the Ivy League economists seem understand, anyone would so-state: And especially at the more obscene, professional levels! They seem able to even surpass the City of Bell, CA, at the obscenity of it.

    And so again the state and local bureaucrats , and their teachers, will be set upon the ravaged land, in mindless display, likely even orgiastic. People who are poor will not be included, or otherwise "stimulated," just like before: Called, "Civil Rights!"

    CNBC is explaining none of that!

    Jobless claims up 19,000 to 3-month high - Aug. 5, 2010

    "When the stimulus money runs out," it seems to state in the link to the CNBC, Ivy League, assessment: Then High Unemployment rates will be back. Here is another example of someone with no clue about the Credit Market. Banks, admittedly, have no clue about it either. They just make, now, so much money: That really thay have no need to get involved with new business lines of credit, expansions of old ones, or anything, R&D, that a stimulus usually induces. It is one thing to finance the revenues from mega-hundreds of millions of box-office, for example. On the other hand, even the newer high-tech industries and biotechs: Need to use cash from current operations.

    And so New Claims originate from the end of programs like the Census and maybe some of the stimulus progjects--which only just started. But continuing claims are coming down. Again, actually the stimulus just got started.

    Concurrently the phony GOP-Invented, basis-free invasions in the Middle East: Are winding down.

    And still the Continuing Claims are coming down.

    Anyone now knows for certain, in fact: That there aren't that many Mexicans left to shoot at any more, in Arizona(?). They are gone now, too! INS will now have to do "Round-Up Rodeo" in other parts of our "great" civilization, of America. It is hard to move forward, apparently, when Bureau of Indian Affairs is not involved.

    The Civilized Ways of America: Are actually back, again: Post-Interventions! Happy Days Are Here, Again!

    "Croiw, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Fortunately for the USA, Eleanor Roosevelt at least did not go into the Hollywood, kinds of famous photo ops of the Hollywood Types! Most of the planet followed Franklin, even--During this last big downturn. The alternative was clearly what the Ivy League trained legals were doing in Washington, D. C.! "Socialism(?) is what they came up with(?)! (Roosevelt did better than that! Ronald Reagan even knew that!))
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