Comprehensive Immigration Reform for the U.S.A.

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    I sent a letter to all three members of our congressional delegation asking them to adopt Mexico's immigration policy as our own. I did so after receiving the following email.....

    Today I sent a e-mail to my Senator asking for immigration reform.

    After watching Presidents Obama and Calderon jointly attacking Arizona's immigration enforcement law, I realized that Obama thought that Calderon was the expert, so I have asked that we enact the exact immigration laws as Mexico. That way President Calderon cannot come here and chastise us about our laws, I have further stated that I felt Congress would agree as they also must think he is the expert judging by their reception of him and his ideas about our laws. I further stated that the idea of "anchor babies" has longsince outlived its usefulness and should be scrapped. Babies born to visitors of the United States should receive the citizenship of their mother's homeland.

    Maybe if we all speak up, someone will listen.

    How to find and e-mail your elected representatives: - : Congressional Directory

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