Complacency Kills Marine In Afghanistan

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    sunshine @ send this interesting piece.
    CAMP LEATHERNECK - 24 year-old Marine Corporal John Felton from Galveston, Texas died from complacency in Afghanistan last week, according to a statement released by the Department of Defense. He was a radar technician stationed at Camp Leatherneck, the largest Marine Corps base in the country.

    A Public Affairs spokesman for the Marine Corps held a press conference because of some unusual details surrounding the tragedy.
    “We are still investigating the incident,” Captain Tony White told the assembled group, “but it does appear that the Marine in question died due to complications resulting from complacency. We do not suspect any foul play at this time.”
    It’s not entirely clear what the incident means for the war effort, or its medical ramifications for deployed personnel. While many people are shocked, senior enlisted Marines reacted to the news with a noticeable lack of surprise.
    “Of course you can die from complacency,” said a Master Gunnery Sergeant who chose to remain anonymous, “I say that to my young Devil Pups all the time. Why in the hell do you think we had all those blast walls spray-painted?”

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