Communista President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina

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    This authoritarian (insert word of choice here) has decided to levy a 45% tax against the rural farmers of Argentina due to a recent rise in commodities prices. I applaud these farmers for standing up to her. When the government levys a new tax people cannot sit back and take it or they will be devoured. For instance the AMT tax here, sounded good to middle class people because it was intended to prevent wealthy people from using loopholes to avoid paying taxes and leaving the taxes to the middle class. A few years later this tax applies to half of all middle class people and soon will apply to nearly everyone.

    Same situation here. Commodities prices move up and down. When they move back down it will be nearly impossible to get the government to remove its taxes. So the farmers will be forced to raise prices to get by. This will hurt the people Fernandez is claiming to help, the poor. Instead of food prices being temporarily expensive due to a global price surge, food prices will now be permantly expensive due to government overtaxation. And it will hurt
    Argentinas exporting power as it will be less able to compete.

    Any ideas how to support or show our solidarity with the farmers?

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