Comey: bitchy high school girl called into the principal's office

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    Comey's testimony in this farce of an investigation made him sound like a bitchy gossipy high school girl trying a little too hard to make sure others know how popular she is:
    • "he was going to invite my whole family, but decided to have just me this time, with the whole family coming the next time"
    • "My instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job"
    • ” He paused and then said, “That’s what I want, honest loyalty.” I paused, and then said, “You will get that from me.”
    • As was my practice for conversations with President Trump, I wrote a detailed memo about the dinner immediately afterwards and shared it with the senior leadership team of the FBI. (who are the people he always runs to to "share" details of his meetings with Trump. He doesn't sound like the director of the FBI, he sounds like a toady.)
    • There were quite a few others in the room, sitting behind us on couches and chairs. (see how important I am)
    • The President signaled the end of the briefing by thanking the group and telling them all that he wanted to speak to me alone. I stayed in my chair.
    • I took the opportunity to implore the Attorney General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me. (Don't tell Elizabeth about the party at Cindy's Saturday night. I can't EVEN be in the same room with her!)
    Seething anger just below the surface:
    • "which I found strange because he had already told me twice in earlier conversations that he hoped I would stay"
    • returned to the subject of my job, saying he was very glad I wanted to stay,
    Clumsy humble-bragging:
    • And then, because the set-up made me uneasy, I added that I was not “reliable” in the way politicians use that word, but he could always count on me to tell him the truth.
    • adding that he had heard great things about me from Jim Mattis, Jeff Sessions, and many others.
    Wide-eyed sincerity and wounded innocence:
    • I didn’t move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed.
    • I replied, “You will always get honesty from me.”
    • but I decided it wouldn’t be productive to push it further.
    • The term – honest loyalty – had helped end a very awkward conversation and my explanations had made clear what he should expect.
    • As the participants started to leave the Oval Office, the Attorney General lingered by my chair, but the President thanked him and said he wanted to speak only with me. The last person to leave was Jared Kushner, who also stood by my chair and exchanged pleasantries with me. The President then excused him, saying he wanted to speak with me.
    • I then got up and left out the door by the grandfather clock, making my way through the large group of people waiting there, including Mr. Priebus and the Vice President.
    And a couple of meat hooks unartfully left dangling:
    • “the McCabe thing” Although I didn’t understand why the President was bringing this up, I repeated that Mr. McCabe was an honorable person.
    • He said he would do that and added, “Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.”
    Bottom line, Trump did nothing wrong. He saw a good guy treated badly, and put in a good word, you know, like Clinton did with Loretta Lynch in Phoenix. Comey is a bitch and a snake.
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    What a weasel.
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    Pitiful try
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    You'll be calling him a lot more than that, before he's finished!

    And, you might want to start on Mueller, cos he's gonna get right up your nose...

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