Com. Immig. Reform will n ot fix illegal immigration.

Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by LilOlLady, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not fix our broken immigration system because it is not broken. Comp. Immig. Reform is just another name for the 1986 amnesty. Amnesty or path to citizenship still means the same. The 1986 amnesty allowed 3 million illegal aliens to stay. A path to citizenship will allow 20 million to stay. All are ahead of millions waiting to enter legally.
    The 1986 amnesty was supposed to fix illegal immigration and it didn't, so what makes the Democrat think a path to citizenship will fix the problem?
    Just because they are here we cannot deport them? We cannot round up 20 million people, put the on planes, trains and donkeys and deport them? It would cost too much and take too long? It would cost more to not deport them and put them on a path to citizenship. We can force them to leave by going after business they hire them. If they cannot work they will leave and they will not come. Millions have already packed up their families and gone back to Mexico because of the economy have lost their jobs. Cracking down on businesses that hire them will have the same results. But Obama is offering them a path to citizenship if they stay.
    Deportations do not separate families. They can take their children with them just as they brought children with them when they came. Away from families and friends. Not knowing the language and culture. Mexico’s Constitution say they are Mexican citizens. The fence on the border is to keep illegal aliens out and not to keep the in.
    They only real and lasting solution to illegal immigration is enforcement. Com. Immig. Reform is just a repeat of the 1986 amnesty by another name with the same results. If it did not work in 1986, it will not work in 2012.
    Com. Immig. Reform has absolutely nothing to do with fixing our immigration system but everything to do with the 2012 election.
    A 20 foot electrified fence and a moat of alligators will not stop illegal immigration. As long as we offer them jobs and social benefits nothing will stop them from coming.
    If we enforce our immigration law and deport them our farmers will suffer and we will have to pay $200 for a head of lettuce and farmers will more their business to Mexico. I say “have a nice trip” to that and take the 20 million with you. 20 million illegal aliens are not picking lettuce and H-2A visa program allowed farmers an unlimited supply of farm workers.
    Every excuse Obama and Company make for Com. Immig. Reform is a bucket or BS.
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    Keepin' the good ones, deportin' the baddies...
    Obama deportation policy could be 'nightmare' for law enforcement
    August 19, 2011 - The Obama administration says its new deportation policy will focus only on the worst criminals, not college kids and maids. But that could make the jobs of law enforcement – from local cops to federal agents – much more complicated.

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