Cologne, Germany: Culture of Islam

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    ----------------------------- because rape by muslims happening in the Western world was very rare or nonexistent until dummies started importing muslims into the Western world TommyT !!
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    GoDDAMN these brown-turd scourges from the near-east!! Ami Right?
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    Syrian troll farm
    The problem here is what the alleged mass inbreeding has to do with the behavior of immigrants. At least, even after 14 years of inbreeding, one should be able to differ between right and wrong.
    There is no way to say that rape is OK in Islam. Once, the Islamic world was the most progressive of all. So what has happened to Islam that so many Muslims think, they have the right to harm other? The kind of "Islam" we talk about is not a religion but a tool created by imperialists to rule and use people.

    "Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic ideology invented by the Brits in early days of Al Saud in Arabia and used to distort the image of Islam and to kill Muslims and all enemies of Great Britain in the name of God.

    There’s no worse than impoverishing whole communities then using their uneducated youth as killing machines in the name of a religion, something the Brits were best at in each country they invaded, the US empire with the anti-US elite ruling them has inherited this technique from the Brits and played it overtly with lots of propaganda and glare against its enemies everywhere it deemed ‘rich’. Divide and Conquer is the mean, brainwashed youths are the tools in the name of G.O.D. (Gold, Oil and Drugs).

    Islam has explicitly prohibited any of the atrocities committed by these Wahhabis and their predecessors throughout history, the holy Quran is full of warnings to those who commit such atrocities, yet, these uneducated impoverished youth come to kill in the name of Islam, could be the exposure of heavy doses of drugs, mostly likely as the human being nature refuses such acts, and could be intense sessions of brainwashing, and could be both. Thinking of who has the ability and is proven to practice such acts, one comes to a conclusion that all these are played by a single group of evil powers combined to benefit from the killing and suffering of others."
    Wahhabis in Syria – GRAPHIC - SyriaNews

    So what we have here, isn´t Islam but the result of a society crippled by imperialism.
    When the Islamic world has been progressive, Christianity suffered from a brutal "Inquisition" that can be compared with the law of terrorist groups like ISIS. People were imprisoned, tortured and murdered in the Church´s own prisons.
    Would we say this is Christianity? Do we identify us with this?

    The incredibly primitive explanation for disgusting behavior we see in this op-ed ignores all the aspects that led to the Cologne incident. These are:
    - Perverted religious believe
    - Inviolability of foreigners in "political correct" regimes like Germany
    - Regime conducted mass immigration without even being prepared for the consequences to some extent
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