Coddling Evil

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    Will Victoria Jo Stinnett ever celebrate a happy birthday? I very much doubt it. As soon as she is old enough to understand, she'll be haunted by the trauma of her birth--ripped from her dead mother's womb by alleged killer Lisa Montgomery. Yet monster through she undoubtedly is, Montgomery is already reaping the benefits of the insidious root-causes racket.

    Root causes are the rationalizations liberals give--usually after the fact--for their immoral actions of for the immoral actions of others. The paradox at the theart of the root-causes fraud is that causal theoretical explanations are invoked only after bad deed have been committed. Good deeds have no need of mitigating circumstances.

    Thus liberals find no need to explain why Bill Gates behaves benevolently, but somehow require a THEORY to explain why Montgomery, after a good deal of premeditated scheming, gained access to the Missouri home of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, strangled her, sliced open her abdomen, and then made away with the child, later passing the girl off as her own.

    In the months to come, you'll see the dog-and-pony show and it's media claque pose such questions as: "What drove Lisa Montgomery to mug, murder, and mutilate Bobbie
    Jo Stinnett." That's because, after people perpetrate evil, liberals toss free will to the wind. Since Montgomery did a monstrous thing, liberlas attribute her actions to causes You see to perpetuate evil, one must be "mentally ill." since Bill Gates does good things, those of a liberal mindset attribute his actions to choice. They acknowledge free will and human agency if--and only if--adaptive actions are involved.

    Ask any Islamic terrorist why he desires to kill Americans and Israelis, including innocent civilians, and he'll reply with candor and conviction. The Islamic criminal, unlike the common criminal that inhabits Western jails, lacks psychological savvy, a fact that increases his believabiltiy. He haasn't yet imbibed the teachings of Western progressive psychotherapists, eager to help him excavate the "root causes" of his depraved deeds.

    Not given the-camel-ate-my homework excuses, the Islamist will disclose that he desires to kill us becasue he hates us. and why does he hate us? 1. Because America's government prefers democratic Israel to the despotic Palestinian authority. And 2. Because Americ'as military, as he sees it, meddles in Muslim affairs.

    Liberals of course, know nay man's mind better the he does himself. According to their lackluster logic, which has come to dominate the debate, the "Three P's"--patriarchy, poverty, and powerlessness--are responsible for terrorism. Never mind that Osama bin Laden is a millionaire. Or that the September 11th killers were scions of privelege. Or that Al Qaeda is hardly manned by illiterate peasants--terrorists have always been middle-class.........
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