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Discussion in 'Donald Trump' started by Astrostar, Nov 13, 2017.

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    CNN continues to harp on the fact that Trump believes Putin's claims that he did not interfere in the 2016 election while our own CIA says he did. In effect, Trump is giving credence to the Russians while slamming his own national security people.

    CNN should realize that that ain't gonna change. They should realize that Trump can't throw Putin under the bus. Without Putin, Trump could not have gotten elected. Putin and Russia is as important to him as any voter constituency, be it deplorables, evangelicals, white nationalists, kkk, or Russians. These are the groups that got him elected, and he isn't about to renounce any of them.

    And, more importantly, if Trump manages to survive his first term, since Americans now have a good taste of who he really is, he is going to need Russia more than ever in 2020, bigly. So CNN should back off their narrative since it ain't gonna change anything for Trump. He will continue to send Putin hugs and kisses. He has to.
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