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    I cannot believe that tens of millions of Americans voted for Hussein & Biden knowing what they are. The parasite class will always vote for the Democrat, but their knowledge of the candidates begins and ends at the public trough. I suspect that not more than two percent of all voters take a president’s loyalty to the country into consideration. Two percent is a generous guesstimate when you remember that Hussein & Biden were reelected after voters knew where their loyalties resided. At least voters should have known in 2012. Those few who did know did not seem to care.

    Because I find it impossible to believe American voters want the policies Hussein & Biden represent, I looked for the reason they were elected twice. Finally, I concluded that freedom-loving Americans decided that the best way to break the federal government’s tyranny was to elect the foulest scum. In that way everyone, even the parasite class, will turn against an all-powerful central government once they understood what it is. Basically, exposing Hussein & Biden for what they are is far more effective than simply criticizing “ oppressive government.” People oppress. Government is the weapon they use. Attacking the oppressors by name turns their weapon into your weapon. Thomas Jefferson put it this way:

    Before anybody shouts conspiracy theory, I’m not talking about an organized movement. I am saying a majority of individual voters arrived at, and acted upon, the same conclusion on their own. I can find no other logical explanation for Americans electing scum like Hussein & Biden not once but twice.

    If I’m correct you can see the humor in those two going about acting as though they are loved by one and all because of their titles. Speaking for myself, were I in a coffee shop and Biden walked in I would get out of there as quickly and as quietly as possible lest I get arrested for puking all over him. I’m not exaggerating for effect. Biden so turns my stomach when I see him on television, I know I would not be able to suppress the vomit if I ended up in the same room with him.

    There is only one question I would like Hussein & Biden to answer: Where the hell did you get the idea you had the Right to stick your noses in everybody’s business? I know the B.S. they lay down to justify the welfare state, but I can’t figure out this one:

    First let me point out that Biden finally got one right. The European Parliament is just as tyrannical as is the US Congress. Somebody should tell the Mouth That Roared “THAT IS WHY THE BRITS WANT OUT.”

    Talk vital interests, trade, and national security until you’re blue in the face, and it always comes down to minding your own business. Americans do not want foreigners interfering in their internal affairs —— why should it be different for the UK or any other country. Nile Gardiner appears to agree:

    Barack Obama lectures Britain on EU membership: the US president looks arrogant as well as clueless
    By Nile Gardiner
    December 19th, 2012

    Barack Obama lectures Britain on EU membership: the US president looks arrogant as well as clueless – Telegraph Blogs

    I think Hussein & Biden assume the British people like getting screwed by foreign bureaucrats. I know they think Americans enjoy getting screwed by the United Nations. That’s why they encourage it. Eureka! Maybe that’s where the busybody mindset originates?

    Incidentally, the Brits get screwed twice. Once by the United Nations and a second time by the EU.

    Finally, I recall that an Iranian diplomat told then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to mind her own business, or words to that effect. I believe it had something to do with Iran’s nuclear program. I have no love for Iran, but I applauded the guy for standing up for his country’s sovereignty. Back then I held high hopes that Iran would lead the Muslim world out of the United Nations. Later on I realized that Muslims only had to threaten withdrawing from the UN to get what they wanted. Wiping Israel off the map is one of the things Muslims want. The New World Order crowd will give it to them so long as Muslims do not abandon the United Nations.

    Bottom line on foreign policy run by collectivist busybodies: Someday Americans will have to deal economically and militarily with every sovereign nation as though the United Nations never existed. Every day the United Nations remains in business makes that day of reckoning all the harder.
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    My guess is that Washington is preparing itself for the inevitable ascendance of China, and wants to lump all its closest remaining allies into the end of a 24/7 economic hotline, as opposed to having to approach them all individually. On paper it makes sense, but in practice most of Europe is hostile towards America, except Britain.

    Despite the incessant bickering back and forth across the Atlantic, there's always been a very, very close bond between Britain and America (much closer than either share with Europe). But Obama's presidency has tested that bond like no other before. And today, the inheritor of Washington's office, an office forged in rebellion, is an administration - lead by a man whose grandfather fought against colonialism - calling for Britain to become a colony itself.
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    You hate the majority of people in America?

    gee why dont you move then

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