Climate Change Chocolate

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    I'm sorry... you start messing with chocolate, you start pissing me off ...

    Is nothing sacred.. A man or women and their chocolate, this just goes to far..


    Chocolate bars. They're supposed to taste good, but can they also be good? We think so!

    Our Climate Change Chocolate bar is meant to educate while tasting great. It comes in a wrapper with 15 tips for lightening your environmental impact. These helpful hints teach you how to save energy by making small changes to your daily habits. And of course, thanks to Bloomsberry & Co., you can be sure the finest chocolate is attached to these green lifestyle lessons.

    Climate Change Chocolate comes with a verified TerraPass offset of 133 pounds of carbon dioxide reductions, the average American’s daily carbon impact. We hope this small offset will be the first taste of a lower-carbon lifestyle for Whole Foods shoppers who decide to take responsibility for their climate change impact.

    TerraPass | Balance your carbon emissions and fight climate change
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