Civics-Why Kids Don't Know What They Should

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    Today's average student is totally clueless about the constitution, much less their rights and responsibilities. Of course, most of their parents do not discuss 'big issues' at dinner, since they are busy watching tv if the family eats together at all. So the following is no surprise to me:

    Now remember, when the Northwest Ordinance set aside land for public schools, the reason was so that children would be indoctrinated into our political system. They knew that this system was not self-sustaining. Somehow we've lost our way:

    Truth to tell, the National Council on Social Studies has not been able to get standards passed for over 5 years. For some reason, there has been a battle royal of how to teach civics, American History, Ancient History-nearly vanished from most curriculum now, Global Studies-read 'global citizens', eco-warriors, UN mock ups, etc. The majority want it 'globaled' up, while a core is demanding that the standards must show time alotments to do so, without losing the necessary time to teach the 'traditional curriculum' as well as beef up geography.

    Check your state standards and contact your school district and regional board of education for more information.

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