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    Alexandra Pelosi
    The documentarian, and daughter of Nancy, talks about lazy Americans, philandering politicians, and why her mother will never sext.

    The American dream is thriving for immigrants who come here and want the basics: water, free speech, democracy. Americans are just fat and happy. They’re lazy. They take everything for granted. If you turn on Fox News you think, who’d want to live in America anymore? All they do is complain about everything that’s wrong in this country. The point of this film is to show Americans who were born here how spoiled they are.:evil:

    There’s something about the pressure cooker of public life that makes people do
    dysfunctional things. And women never do this! Women are never having children with other men. Maybe the takeaway from all these sex scandals will be that we can’t elect men anymore. They’re too busy sexting and having babies with other women. If we had more women in public office, we wouldn’t have these problems.:cuckoo:

    Alexandra Pelosi - Newsweek

    WTF? Where has Nancy been hiding this child since she was born? Didn’t some woman just have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby? And John Edward’s baby? Mary Kay Letourneau had three?

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