Christmas Readings: Madison/New Federalism/Cannon's Reagan

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    James Madison, by Gary Wills...
    New Federalism, by Timothy Conlon...
    Governor Reagan, by Lou Cannon...

    Cannon wrote more than one book on Reagan, and he has maybe the fairest view and all around complete view of Reagan and his rise to Power. I've sampled his stuff before.

    Gary Wills is a complicated man and a brilliant historian. Wills has been viewed as both a neocon and a leftist. Most do not know of his beginnings and evolution. Most only know him from his op-ed articles and his appearances in media.

    I do not know anything about Timothy Conlon. The subtitle of his book is intriguing to me: Intergovernmental Reform from Nixon to Reagan.

    I also have taken out an academic book published by The Johns Hopkins University Press: Electoral Systems and Democracy, Edited by Larry Diamond and Marc F. is part of a series of books: Journal of Democracy books

    Hope you all have as much fun doing whatever toots your horns as I expect to have reading during the holiday.

    peace on earth and farewell to all
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