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    I have to apologise to any folk who tried to check out the digital christmas card I posted just before Christmas. :redface:

    I notice the mods have moved my post somewhere - probably because there were no replies.

    What I hadn't realised, was that nothing was visible to visitors at the URL I posted - so nobody would have been able to download the musical card.

    I've got so used to being logged in there all the time, it never crossed my mind that no-one else could see the stuff.

    Anyway, I've had a word with the mods on the programming site, and they have now made everything visible and downloadable to visitors.

    A bit late now, but maybe some of you might like to try it out.:eusa_angel: - it's quite pretty.

    There's lots of other things and little games available if anyone is interested.

    Here's the URL again:

    Christmas 2012

    There is an .exe executable file in the .zip file, so just place the .zip in a folder of your choice, unzip it (I use Winzip), and click on the .exe file to run it.

    Best wishes,:eusa_angel:


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