Christianity and the "New World Order"

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    Bridging discussions of religion and politics, who else here think that there is a connection between Christianity and the plan for a tyrannical state? It makes a lot of sense after some research, considering the money that the Christian church has managed to get, and the way that Christianity tries to teach blind obedience to authority, submissiveness, and "turning the other cheek." I found this article to be quite interesting:
    Anyone else have any good thoughts on this idea?
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    Do you believe all the bullshit posted in the Internet?
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    Bad news. Whatever they want's.
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    The one world religion the Christians always claim would come out of Rome using the false prophet as it's tool already occured and that religion was formed as Christianity.
    The problem is their inability to read tenses as in present tense, so they teach future tense instead regarding events being described in their era in 70ad.
    They are also the deceived, hence clueless that the enemy they so love to spout on about is actually themselves.

    Luke 21:24 & Romans 11:25 and history of that era show that
    Revelation 11:1-3 occurred already in aprox 70 ad.
    Also John of Patmos wrote
    the anti christ(anointed) was there in his day=Rome who destroyed the authority of the anointed Priests & the Temple.

    We also know the false prophet is created by Rome using many martyr figures, Biblical figures, mythical figures, including borrowing the Baal death scene from ancient tablets-mythologies Baalcs birthday, and Baal's cross thus literally making Father Baal and son(morning star) Jesus as one in the same mythology.

    The many Christs -
    Yeshu son of Mary 100bc
    Yehuda ben Tabbai 100bc

    The following are the only messianic figures in the time of Lysanias(died 35bc) and King Herod(4bc).
    Yehuda (Judas) son of Hezekiah (4 BCE)
    Simon of Peraea (4 BCE)
    Athronges, the shepherd (4 BCE)
    Yehuda (Judas) the Galilean (6 CE)
    The only Ad era at that time was
    Theudas by the Jordan
    Benjamin the Egyptian was a christ figure but I don't recall his era.

    The following lores,myths,legends used to create the image of Jesus include Baal, Mithra, Horus, Osiris, Krishna, Esus (the tri god), Dagon, Zeus, and more.
    Bible roles stolen from Michael which is why JW's think they are one & the same. Bible characters like Joseph, and Rabbi Yohoshua Ben Chananiah plagiarised.
    OT blatantly plagiarised story by story throuought which lead to some pretty funny mistakes in not knowing the meaning of which they borrowed from.

    more Sources: Book of Acts accounts christ Yehuda and christ Theudas, but confuse their dying sequences by saying Theudas died before Yehuda.

    Lysanias died in 35bc, Herod 4bcn therefore can't be in the story of a AD Pilate era figure.

    Widows mite is a Jannaeus Alexander coin.
    There was no Herod Killing Babies event but Yeshu son of Mary in 100bc did flee the Jannaeus revolt towards Egypt with his mentor Rabbi Yohoshua ben Parachya.
    This Rabbi is accurately dated as is King Jannaeus who's wife was Salome (friend & follower of Yeshu)who historically recorded reinstated & appointed
    Shimon ben Shetach head priest(=shimon peter becomes head of the church).

    Sources for the history of (Yeshu) Jesus: philosopher Celsus (178 CE) Christian writer Epiphanius (c.320-403 CE), the Christian apologist Origen (c.185-254 CE) Within the Talmud Shabbos 104, the gemara explicitly discusses the mother being Stada and the father being Pandera. Jerusalem Talmud (Avodah Zerah II 40d)and in the Tosefta on Hullin II, and (Sanhedrin 43a & 67a). This story is further expanded upon in the Tosefta and Baraitas.
    2 accounts:
    -Dr. Franz Hartman -
    & Gerald Massey's Lectures Originally published in a private edition c. 1900

    According to the Babylonian Gemara to the Mishna of Tract "Shabbath," this Jehoshua, the son of Pandira and Stada, was stoned to death as a wizard, in the city of Lud, or Lydda,
    Jesus ben Stada (or Pandera) was placedin the time period of about 90 B.C. in Lydda, a town Peter is said to have visited in ACTS.
    Interestingly, the early church father Epiphanius around 400 said Pandera was the grandfather of Jesus.

    Fact: the people associated also change names because converged characters have new figures in their story from the other figures used in compilation.
    Thus Shimon becomes Peter, Saul becomes Paul, Mattias becomes Matthew,
    Thadeus becomes James, etc

    Baal source:
    From a stone tablet discovered in Nineveh, Assyria,
    dated 700 B.C., now housed in The British Museum, referred to by officials as the
    Marduk's Ordeal tablet. Also known as the Baal Passion Play.
    Dec 25th birthdate=Baal
    Sun symbol cross=Baal
    Morning star and dying god mythology=son of Baal.

    Mithra: to many sources to list
    Discovered in Ireland a predated sickly man on a cross the type the Pope carried=Mithraic.
    Bascilica in Rome turned old Mithra temples into churches and kept the altar with the Mithraic cross.

    Esus=tri god

    Dagon=fishman god father of Baal predated tablet carvings seen in fishead mitres and scales on robes. Popes fishman ring.
    Idol that broke his hands off during his fall.

    Krishna was called Christos.

    Mary and Baby Jesus statues are actually predated
    Mother Isis(wife of Baal) and Baby Horus.

    Toooooooo Much to list!
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    Plans for the what?

    A tyrannical state?

    That ship sailed long ago.

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