China with respect to free trade.

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    I watch Alan Greenspan and the Fed’s latest congressional hearing yesterday. I was surprised by how ineffective the Fed was at countering the anti-free trade coalition against China. The reason the Fed wasn’t able to win this argument was they seemed to have no answers with respect to getting China to abide by World Trade Federation (WTO) rules, an organization that China joined in 2001.

    I have included a link from CNN, called “Beware (fixing) the China problem” Link below for that want to read more on this.

    I only included a small section of the article; Greenspan gave a few reasons why retaliation isn’t a good Idea. My question is what do we do with a country that blatantly seems to care little about international commerce rules. A country that many businesses want to do business with, but increasing amounts of US companies are loosing billions in Chinese thievery. The Chinese’s government loves US free trade policies with respect to benefiting them, but cares less about free trade when it doesn’t soot them.

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