Chicago has sunk to a new low!

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    The State that taxes the shit out of its citizens. Highly sales tax, prepared food tax, some of the highest gas, property and tabacco taxes and now is prepared to stick us with the high income and corporate tax in the country.

    When you think it can't get any worse the States largest city squeeze its citizens more. The leased out the street meters, a cash cow for the city, to a private business. Meter went from $0.25 to $1! You used to be able to not have to pay before 9:00 am and after 9:00 PM. Not the case any more. If you park overnight, you have to pay! You used to get weekend free, not anymore! You have to pay. The city even gave these strokes the ability to write tickets. Tickets have gone from $20 to $75! It's fucking insane!

    Chicago business where hurting already and this is absolutely killing them! I heard on the radio that this is just a start. by 2010 the price can (meaning it will) go up to $1.50 and tickets can go up to $100!

    Chicago leases parking meters for $1.16 billion | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters

    I'm with you Rush I'm moving to Texas!

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