Chicago cop fired for 2011 shooting.

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    Justice delayed is Justice denied. One of the aphorisms, the basic truths that has existed long before our nation was created. It is one of the reasons that we have a speedy trial as one of the Civil Rights in the Bill of Rights. So the foundation of this premise is the idea that justice must be swift if it is to have any meaning.

    In 2011 an off duty Police Officer was working as security at a night club. A fairly common activity. One I don't have any issue with, providing that the police apply the same standards for the night club owner that they do for everyone else, in other words, the hiring is not viewed as a bribe to cover illegal activities.

    In this case the story goes a little sideways. A red car pulled up along side of another car, and opened fire. The red car raced off. The car was a block and a half away at night when the off duty cop came out of the club. The cop then opened fire on the car that had been the original target. He emptied his magazine at the wrong car injuring the driver.

    Chicago cop fired for shooting at wrong car 16 times in off-duty incident

    The police department said it was not a good shooting. The lawyer for the police said that the cop, Perez was way out of line. The cops attorney has kept up the client is a hero who made a mistake, but well intentioned.

    Finally Perez is fired. Not charged with a crime. Not arrested or looking at jail time, just fired. Seriously, it took nearly six years to fire the cop who shot up the wrong car. The cars didn't even look similar. Different colors and makes. But that didn't stop Perez who probably didn't have any clue, he just went out there shooting anything he saw.

    This is the heroic action, going to the sound of the guns. But the heroic action is marred when he didn't take a second to figure out what was going on, he just opened fire and emptied the magazine at the victim of the original shooting. A decision to shoot means you have some reason to believe that there is an imminent threat. You or someone else is in danger. Once the drive by car had left, so had the danger. But Perez created even greater danger, in the name of the law, by coming in shooting.

    It took nearly six years to get a decision on this case. Justice delayed is justice denied. I'll leave you with the last line of the news article I linked above.

    What else indeed.

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