Chewing Gum and Test Scores

Discussion in 'Education' started by Annie, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Well last week we were told to 'use our own judgement' regarding handing out gum to students during standardized testing, which begins Monday. Funny thing about 'judgement' it seems like less than my decision when handed a Time article that infers it is 'scientifically proven.' So I bought gum.

    Call me skeptical, but Time had something on this, though I'm not finding it. Here is a piece that refers to British study:

    Now I'm not off handedly pooh, poohing this, as I know that I concentrate much better smoking. I also am a nail biter. Sooo. With that said, I've already told the kids that if I hear smacking or any other noises, they will lose it. I manage to take classes and tests without smoking, so my guess they can get by without gum, but we'll see.

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