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    The following is taken from Mission of the One Star by Alloya starting on page 169: -

    To write the Lucifer story is a great honour for me for I feel great love in my heart for this being, Lucifer. Before all you religious types out there get the wrong message, I am not in any way a demon worshipper or Satanist. I have no real interest in evil or the Christian version of the story of Lucifer.

    All I want to do is tell is the story of Lucifer, as I perceive it and how he has shown it to me. All I ask of you is to see it as a story. For it is a story, a story to allow the reader to get a new perspective on the creation that is occurring on this planet. I ask you to open your hearts wider than ever before, to allow yourselves to feel the energy of this story, for beyond the words there is a beauty that only a completely open and trusting heart can perceive.

    For most of us, Lucifer is nothing more than an imaginary character; for the Christians among us; he is the personification of pure evil. For me, I had not even really given him a second thought until I experienced his energy personally.

    I wrote about my first experience with Lucifer in 'Multi-Selves and a New Reality', part of which I would like to quote here:

    I was taking the light of truth into the darkest place in the universe, to the home of Lucifer, the light that had been downloaded to me via the sun in the daytime. I don't want to get all 'Bible-y' on you, but it was my only way of understanding what was going on. I knew the story of Lucifer and my Spirit used the stories I already knew to aid me in my understanding because I needed to understand and under-stand quickly. He was coming. I can't say that I physically saw him. I didn't need to. Feeling him was quite enough. The fear was impressive. My body shook and I involuntarily made this strange pining sound like an animal does when it's really scared and I couldn't stop.
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