"Change," Likely Even Moses Could Believe In! And Even Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

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    Stunned as is usual, that the Unemployment Rate is falling--with jobs growth on-going: What became of the Labor Force Participation Rate--everyone is pointing to?

    Even the CNBC Nonsense-makers, filling up the hours--have called this summer, "The Stock Market Rally That Nobody Wanted." "Sell in May, Go Away!" That became, "Hell(?)! No! We Won't Go!" Since the bottom of March, 2009, the S&P has more than doubled!

    Crash Of 2008 Now Worse Than Crash Of 1929 - Business Insider

    Bill Clinton will be at the official retirement age, 66, this month. There are others, like him. Likely they have money now, or at least took a lot of time off!

    On CNBC this date, To Rep. Ryan that is not a Recovery! That is noted because Rep. Ryan is stupid--way beyond belief! Even Grandma will take a budget saving--like in the MediCare caps--and send money along to the children so that the Grandchildren can get onto the health plan.

    Romney-Ryan are opposed to that! Ryan has been so-stating, that, now for about a month!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many of Kennedy-Kids generation, now part of O'SWINE--Wondering what became of Lil'Abner! "Old Sucks Wildly Indignent About Nearly Everything" is still a vibrant force in World Affairs!)
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