Cato Koches Cons and Libertarians

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    [Mods, Maybe we need a Political Theory section to get away from the mundane daily BS?]

    I am often amazed during my often constrained perusal of internet blogs and commentary at the high level of writing and thoughtful work done freely. MSM is a corporate entity and as such offers mostly milquetoast stuff, but online one can read intelligent debate. The infighting below is fascinating stuff. Enjoy.

    "...The irony here is that the nation’s preeminent libertarians — who ought to be exquisitely attentive to freedom of contract, institutional design, and observing the letter of the law — couldn’t get their rights right. They built this Streeling of libertarian thought, with its $20+ million annual budget and world-wide reputation, on a shareholding structure that is either actually or nearly under the control of people who do not share many of their values and have not for decades. The entire enterprise may well have been for years only one death away from Koch domination. If so many libertarians are now so worried about a Koch takeover, one has to ask, why have they spent so many years building a brand with an unshielded thermal exhaust port?"

    The Laboratorium : Cato Versus Caesar

    Addendum to above. Fascinating summation of C/L and below that commentary on above. Libertarian vis-a-vis Conservative

    "Type L: libertarian, technocratic, meritocratic, pro-business, anti-government, laissez faire, pro-science, positivist, secular, elitist, progress-driven, Whiggish, optimistic. “The best should have the power."

    Type C: tradition-oriented, pro-status quo, nationalistic, protectionist, isolationist, xenophobic, social conservative, pro-business, pro-government (at least in regards to furthering other goals), pro-religion, cronyistic, chauvinistic. "The powerful should have the power."

    'Three Versions of Conservatism:'
    When Libertarians Go to Work… « Corey Robin

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