‘Carrying a Gun Saved My Life’: Meet Ryan Moore

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    ‘Carrying a Gun Saved My Life’: Meet Ryan Moore (The type of gun incident most media has no use for)​

    By Paul Hsieh

    "Carrying a Gun Saved My Life": Meet Ryan Moore

    On December 11, 2010, in Conyers, GA, 22-year-old Ryan Moore was at a friend's house for an evening of leisure. He borrowed a friend's car to drive to the nearby grocery store, where his handgun saved his life
    [1]. I interviewed Ryan Moore over e-mail about that evening. What happened that night at the Ingles (grocery store) parking lot? I had parked near the front of the store. A man approached as I was about to get out, asking if I had some spare money he could use for gas. After replying I didn’t have any cash, he proceeded to walk away. As I was watching him leave, I then stepped out of the vehicle and was grabbed from behind by a man who put a knife to my neck. The first man then came back and demanded my keys and wallet.

    How much time did you have to react?

    It took a few seconds for me to realize what was happening. Once it dawned on me, I made the decision to fight back.


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