Carrie/Scorpion: Dianetics (Nazi Rx)

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    Does modern media and 'TrumpUSA' make you feel like America is simply an institution?

    This theological-parable was inspired by Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead.

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    "Carrie had a hellish senior prom. She was ticked into attending with a very popular boy named Andrew who was cajoled into taking Carrie (an emotionally awkward and unpopular but relatively pretty young woman) to the prom so her classmates could make fun of her. When Carrie arrived at the prom thinking she and Andrew would have a dream-date, she was horrified when all her classmates heckled her and then began squirting ketchup at her (from condiment-packets they stole from McDonald's). Carrie revealed that night to her classmates that she had telekinetic powers; she used them to flip tables over and knock down the students and then short-circuited some lighting electrical-wires to start a terrible fire. No one from her high school forgot that senior prom...or Carrie."

    "Mac Gargan was a scientist working at Oscorp who was forced by his boss to be a guinea-pig for a special strength-mutation serum the science-firm was developing. When Mac ingested the serum, he turned into a body-contorting, highly-agile jumpy meta-human with corrosive acid in his saliva! Mac made himself a scorpion-costume and called himself Scorpion (since he moved with great cunning and agility and could spit corrosive acid). Scorpion fitted a saliva tube to the tail of his scorpion-costume, so he could squirt the toxic acid from his tail. Scorpion was a modern day menace, representing all the regrets and tragedies of unnatural and unadvisable science."

    "After some rather clumsy detective-work FBI agent Thomas Shepherd had no leads on where Carrie or Scorpion would strike next. Carrie had become an urban terrorist, using telekinesis to flip over passing cars and even cop cars and creating explosions; she also set free all the animals from the Philadelphia Zoo! Scorpion, meanwhile, had destroyed a shopping mall in Texas, a post office in Virginia, and a library in Los Angeles. Scorpion used his anticipated tactics but he also complemented his mayhem with tear-gas and grenades. Neither Carrie nor Scorpion ever killed anyone, however, they remained society's most symbolic 'devils'."

    CARRIE: We should strike Wall Street, Mac.
    SCORPION: I hate Wall Street!
    CARRIE: Would you rather attack D.C.?
    SCORPION: I hate Washington more...
    CARRIE: Or, maybe we should flee and disappear (and retire).
    SCORPION: I never thought we'd become friends (you and I).
    CARRIE: True; but remember we met in Miami during the drug-raid?
    SCORPION: Yeah, those cops were busting a coastal shipment.
    CARRIE: Right while we were making mayhem; we happened to both be there.
    SCORPION: Yeah, I had no inkling such a 'terrorist-attack' would appeal to you too.
    CARRIE: We're peas in a pod, Mac.
    SCORPION: Call me Scorpion, Carrie.
    CARRIE: Alright!
    SCORPION: Is America even worth all this mischief?
    CARRIE: Americans are media-obsessed; they need 'calamity-doctors.'
    SCORPION: That's what we are --- 'calamity-doctors,' Carrie?
    CARRIE: Yes. We help Americans see why Tom Cruise is a role model.
    SCORPION: Why?
    CARRIE: Cruise (like other 'super-celebrities') are 'pedestrian diplomats.'
    SCORPION: So by creating mayhem/terrorism, we compel pedestrians to watch TV?
    CARRIE: Pedestrians are reminded not to take the comforts of home for granted...
    SCORPION: I doubt that's what policemen and lawyers will say were our 'intentions.'
    CARRIE: They might not call us 'philosophers,' Scorpion, but they will call us 'delicious.'
    SCORPION: Maybe you were right in proposing we simply flee/disappear/retire.
    CARRIE: No. Our crusade has just begun, and we want to be ahead of the AntiChrist.
    SCORPION: Sometimes I think Donald Trump is the AntiChrist…
    CARRIE: We want the media to make us 'gods' (so TrumpUSA feel like a 'regime').
    SCORPION: Strange but clever thinkin', Carrie...



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