Capitalism: The Floodgates of Hell?

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    Capitalism is an economic system/philosophy based on competition and collective bargaining. Modern institutions such as Wall Street, the European Union, the World Bank, and NATO 'inspect' the functioning of capitalism and the mercantile processes governing 'ethical social contracts' between rival nations (e.g., North Korea and South Korea).

    Adam Smith suggested in his seminal economics-philosophy treatise The Wealth of Nations that nation-states competing in a system based on production rivalries (and manufactured intellectual properties!) create conditions of volatile negotiation ambitions.

    Thomas Hobbes suggested in his seminal politics-philosophy treatise Leviathan that when societies constantly reinvent forms of governance, the forces of anarchy and chaos may arise from a sea of power-based instincts (e.g., Valkyrie).

    We know from world history that human groups engage in dangerous levels of 'forced submission' (e.g., Spanish Inquisition) aimed at achieving a sort of 'Utopian productivity' (in religion, engineering, the military, etc., etc.).

    Perhaps modern-day symbolic films such as Other People's Money, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Money Monster indicate a distinct civilization paranoia regarding the 'consequences' of greed, so then is capitalism the proverbial entrance to the 'floodgates of hell'?

    {hypothetical movie synopsis}


    As Satan looked at his sharp suit-and-tie while preparing to enter the trading floor of Wall Street disguised as a wily stockbroker, he considered the very real possibility that he had the power to subvert the kingdom of heaven with swift trickeries designed to draw out mankind's prevalent instincts towards survivalism, profiteerism, and ruthless ambition. Satan reasoned that he could convince U.S. President Donald Trump to order the Navy SEALs to kidnap key members of the nuclear-war threatening North Korean government and torture them (to death if necessary!) unless they provided vital espionage. Satan concluded that capitalism was a true form of violence.

    SATAN: Do you know what Black Friday looks like in a NYC shopping mall?
    GOD: That's the national 'shopping-day' following Thanksgiving, so I can imagine...
    SATAN: Well, it looks like anarchy, so I wonder if your 'precious creation' is worth it!
    GOD: There is always faith, teamwork, and friendship (in any 'society').
    SATAN: Are you sure? Wall Street is managed by wolves willing to make me a 'king.'
    GOD: Americans are naturally nervous about capitalism, but that doesn't make them 'fools.'
    SATAN: We'll see if some LA street-gang rises to power, employed by druglords and senators!
    GOD: Martial law was a fear of the past, but modern-day Americans celebrate NASDAQ.
    SATAN: Modernism 'trophies' may not account for the lingering 'desire' for power-games.
    GOD: A 'power-game' is not as symbolic as the shared values obtained from sportsmanship.
    SATAN: Why then does Hollywood (USA) make films like The Running Man and Big Fish?
    GOD: There's nothing wrong with 'calamity-psychiatry'.
    SATAN: Well, there may be a difference between the Inquisition and 9/11.
    GOD: Let's agree that danger must be evaluated in terms of science (to avoid pain)...


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    First of all, no other economic model comes anywhere close to having the success that capitalism has had in raising the standard of living and improving the way of life for those who live under that system. BUT - it does require good, proper, effective governance, which is something we don't have. If left unchecked human nature in a capitalist economy can result in gross negatives and inequities, as history has shown. But the answer isn't to switch to another economic model, cuz human nature will result in those same gross negatives under ANY economic model if the governance is poor. The answer is to require better governance from our elected officials, which we ain't doing.

    And BTW, this thread is in the wrong forum IMHO. This is about economics rather than religion or ethics. Maybe it's time for a little clarification over what falls under Ethics and what doesn't.
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