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    How has the advent of capitalism affected our 'aesthetics philosophy,' and can we coordinate strategic games (e.g., chess) with capitalism-rhetorics (e.g., storytelling)?

    Here's a chess-themed capitalism-philosophy exchange (about the contours of competitive behavior) between two fictional A.I. robots from the Transformers (Hasbro) franchise, Cyclonus (a Machiavellian 'first-knight') and Rodimus (a princely 'Theist').

    This sort of consideration is seen allegorically in modern capitalism-themed society-art totems such as competition-dissection films like Pawn Sacrifice and WarGames, no?

    So is there such a thing as 'capitalism heresy' and is there a need for consumer censorship? What would McCarthy say?

    It's a funny fact that commerce-culture creates a new philosophical need for colloquial dialogue (e.g., The Charlie Rose Show). Is capitalism then, by definition, a negotiation rather than a podium?



    CYCLONUS: Look at the 2 sides of this glass chess-set.
    RODIMUS: Yes, one is multi-colored glass, and the other is clear.
    CYCLONUS: A glass chess-set represents fragility (vanity and transparency).
    RODIMUS: It also represents psychiatry (material and strategy).
    CYCLONUS: I see what you mean; strategy with 'materials' requires imagination.
    RODIMUS: Precisely, my friend. This chess-set symbolizes warfare.
    CYCLONUS: Every war is about competition...
    RODIMUS: The manner of competition is as important as the goal.
    CYCLONUS: That's the 'sportsmanship theory.'
    RODIMUS: It holds true for any condition in which both parties may benefit.
    CYCLONUS: Such as?
    RODIMUS: Capitalism!
    CYCLONUS: In that case, avarice is a 'casualty' of capitalism...
    RODIMUS: There's no cure to 'gluttony,' but capitalism synthesizes prestige.


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