Capitalism: Battle of Titans/Gods

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    This is my final opus on the value of capitalism (something to consider under our 'TrumpUSA' umbrella), and it's inspired by The Hudsucker Proxy.




    Shiva (god of destruction) was on his mountaintop in the Himalayas meditating about the evil of capitalism. Satan heard Shiva's prayers and decided to challenge him to a special debate about the general value of capitalism itself. It was a very symbolic debate.

    SHIVA: Capitalism is really about competition...
    SATAN: It's also about compromise!
    SHIVA: The World Bank deals with the difficulties of compromise.
    SATAN: Does Wall Street appeal to poets?
    SHIVA: Not really; but it does appeal to businessmen with interests in enterprise!
    SATAN: I want a haven for those wanting to be 'sneaky.'
    SHIVA: That's why we have capitalism video-games (they exorcise our demons!).
    SATAN: Are you referring to Monopoly (Parker Brothers)?
    SHIVA: Yes...
    SATAN: Can a game really cure the malady of greed?
    SHIVA: It can surely address the ills of fortune-related angst.
    SATAN: What happens when a game becomes too cutthroat?
    SHIVA: That's why we have referees!
    SATAN: I wonder what people will make of the Munich massacre.
    SHIVA: That terrorism-incident during the 1972 Summer Olympics was hellish.
    SATAN: Let's hope capitalism creates sportsmanship...


    After the debate concluded, Shiva and Satan parted ways. Shiva decided to visit the nation of Wales and investigate how modernism was affecting mercantile customs and commerce etiquette there. Satan, meanwhile, decided to visit Silicon Valley in California and visit the developments regarding technology and intellectual properties. Shiva discovered that Wales was trying to balance modern industry with traditional values and customs. Satan discovered that computers were the hallmark of modern capitalism (e.g., NASDAQ).


    As this intriguing research continued, two video-game players in America were part of a special international competition involving the two dramatic Mortal Kombat video-game warrior-avatars Erron Black (a mercenary-like cowboy-warrior with a 'golden-pistol') and Scorpion (a devilish ninja-like warrior with a throwing arrowhead-blade connected to a mighty rope). As these two Americans climbed up the ranks of the video-game contest using Erron Black and Scorpion, Shiva and Satan decided to forge a special debate using Erron Black (Shiva) and Scorpion (Satan) as 'dialogue avatars' (not unlike Internet aliases/avatars people used in chatrooms!).


    ERRON BLACK (Shiva): When are stockbrokers considered pirates?
    SCORPION (Satan): This happens when merchant-trading becomes too aggressive.
    ERRON BLACK: Does Wall Street inspire violence?
    SCORPION: It surely inspires terrorism (i.e., 9/11).
    ERRON BLACK: Was 9/11 a sign that capitalism is a morality test?
    SCORPION: I don't know, but it reminded the world that violence is real...
    ERRON BLACK: Maybe capitalism is creating too much speculation!
    SCORPION: People like stories about intrigue (e.g., The Wolf of Wall Street).
    ERRON BLACK: There's a difference between intrigue and paranoia.
    SCORPION: Doesn't competition worry you?
    ERRON BLACK: I have faith in the overall system that creates parental-architectures.
    SCORPION: I suppose parental-controls on graphic video-games represent supervision.
    ERRON BLACK: Let's focus on how tech-wizardry has blinded people to eco-pollution.
    SCORPION: Yes, industrialization-related waste is a real modern tragedy...
    ERRON BLACK: We have to promote creativity and imagination.
    SCORPION: How can we do that when mankind indulges in black market munitions?
    ERRON BLACK: We have to believe in commerce super-structures (e.g., World Bank).
    SCORPION: Let's hope Mortal Kombat does not reflect a real 'dark city.'


    After this secondary debate concluded, Shiva thought it'd be wise to encourage the people of Wales to invest in computer companies such as IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. Satan, meanwhile, encouraged the engineers and imagineers in Silicon Valley to consider how brand-marketing was affecting intellectual property law in this modern age of tech-oriented capitalism. Hollywood (USA) was busy making modernism-geometry films such as Robots, Terminator III: Rise of the Machines, Avatar, and Ghost in the Shell!


    As Shiva returned to his mountaintop in the Himalayas, he concluded that he was optimistic about American youngsters playing with LEGO city-sets and SimCity virtual city-planning video-games which forged a special kind of optimism towards capitalism as a general system. Satan decided to grant Shiva privacy so he could continue to meditate on the metaphysical value of creating managerial governing bodies to 'supervise' capitalism and deal with its inherent flaws (e.g., cutthroat competitiveness). It was a fine madness...




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