Canadian soldiers won’t have to buy their own combat boots anymore

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    This is progress for Canadian soldiers who put their lives on the line and are treated like dirt. There are billions for the RCMP and transfers to OPP and TPS, but our best had to pay hundreds for the boots they could die in. It's disgusting.

    Canadian soldiers won’t have to buy their own combat boots anymore

    Chenard said around 50,000 military personnel could end up using the new funding.

    It will take about a year before the army comes up with a list of companies that produce acceptable boots, Chenard said.

    In the meantime, the military is recommending that soldiers purchase a brown or tan-coloured boot that is comfortable in temperatures ranging from 4 to 35 C. The boot must also have a rigid or durable sole.

    “We’ve deliberately made the selection criteria as simple as possible in order to cover the full range of what soldiers want,” Chenard added.

    He said soldiers won’t have to turn in their worn boots to qualify for new footwear but they will have to show they have a genuine need for combat boots. “We’re allowing the local chain of command on how they want to deal with that specifically,” Chenard said.
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