Canadian man faces 2 years in prison for passing out Jesus saves pamphlets at gay pride parade

Discussion in 'Canada' started by MindWars, Jun 30, 2018.

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    I'm not the one ignoring the last post of my opponent, and reasserting, as in the Logical Fallacy of Proof by Assertion, my previously already refuted points.

    That's you.

    Here is where the conversation ended. Where you stopped replying to what I post and just started, dishonestly filibustering.

    THere are a number of reasons why your equivalence is a false equivalence.

    THe most relevant is that in the Conventional Wisdom the primary attribute of Nazis, is the Holocaust, while the Communists and Marxists, for whatever reason, are NOT primarily defined by the much larger amounts of death they brought.

    Thus, calling someone a Nazi, is saying they are madmen bent of genocide, while calling someone a communists, though it should, does NOT carry the same message.

    My point stands. Smearing tens of millions of republicans with the actions of a hated fringe group is the lib in question being an ass muncher.
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    Yeah, near as I can tell they became MORE promiscuous. A bath house isn't the only place to hook up to use the lower digestive tract as an artificial vagina.. The HIV rate in youth especially is skyrocketing. I guess when all those twinks were turned they forgot to give them the memo on how not to die and kill each other.

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