Can You Interpret Doublespeak?

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    Match the top column doublespeak words with plain English words in the column directly below.

    Job Jargon
    1. automotive internist
    2. urban transportation specialist
    3. nail technician
    4. media courier
    5. sex industry worker
    6. interment excavation expert
    7. entropy control engineer
    8. animal control warden
    9. clothing refresher
    10. service technician
    11. member of vertical transportation corps
    12. career associate scanning professional

    a. dry cleaner
    b. repairman
    c. junk dealer
    d. prostitute
    e. janitor
    f. manicurist
    g. elevator operator
    h. cab or bus driver
    i. checkout clerk
    j. dogcatcher
    k. car mechanic
    l. newspaper deliverer
    m. gravedigger

    War Words
    1. enhanced radiation device
    2. incursion
    3. pre-dawn vertical insertion
    4. protective reaction strike
    5. pre-hostility
    6. regime change
    7. redeployment
    8. collateral casualties
    9. classified
    10. detainee
    11. interrogation techniques
    12. shock and awe

    a. secret
    b. prisoner of war
    c. torture
    d. nuclear bomb
    e. massive bombing
    f. invasion
    g. invasion with parachutes
    h. peace
    i. bombing
    j. retreat
    k. civilian deaths
    l. overthrow

    I think you can probably match these up without any help. If you need answers, let me know.

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