CDZ Can Govt impose one Culture on another Culture against their beliefs?

Discussion in 'Clean Debate Zone' started by emilynghiem, Nov 18, 2017.

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    The USA has already accomplished super-imposing its own culture on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and it was a smashing success.

    Russia tried the same thing in Eastern Europe and it did not work too good.
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    Dear Billy_Kinetta
    to be fair and to police Progressives within the bounds of Constitutional standards,
    what I would suggest and pursue is a MUTUAL agreement
    between left and right political parties
    to treat parties as Political Religions or Beliefs,
    then discuss HOW to address these equally as we would
    religious beliefs under the First Amendment and/or as Creeds
    under Civil Rights laws against discrimination.

    This would still address "progressives" who otherwise impose their BELIEFS
    through govt, but would not TARGET one group more than the other.

    The same with conservatives who want to target Muslims as a threat to Constitutional laws.
    Why not address ALL religious organizations
    and discuss how to prevent ANY collective group from violating
    equal protections of people of other beliefs from collectively imposing on them.

    What both the parties and religious groups have in common that get involved in politics
    is this risk of taking their beliefs and IMPOSING these through govt
    when the real intent is to DEFEND those beliefs from imposition.

    When this goes TOO FAR it ends up imposing on others and their beliefs.

    So we should have an agreement as to how to DEFEND both
    religious and political beliefs WITHOUT imposing these through govt.

    That would cover ANY group that others are complaining about as abusing govt to impose creeds on others.

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