Can a Jar head accept a message that isn't propaganda based?

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    In the coming future the American economy will collapse. There really is not an if or when anymore. It is now. After the collapse much anger will fall towards the elected officials like Obama.
    Please if anyone is most important to remember these next facts it is those in the military who will be the tools used by the men who commited the treason that caused the collapse to restructure the USA most likely into an industrial feudel state with a few families of power to control private armies that will rule like Kings.
    If this sounds far fetched try to look over your shoulder and find an intellectual to assist you with the rest of this because it is far more important than anything else you will read for sometime.

    So a quick history so you can understand how we got to this and who put us here. About 30ish years ago Reagen was used by these people to change laws and to produce propaganda to make it happen without notice by the general public.
    This was the dismantling of Americas industry to cause it to bankrupt. This is nothing short of treason and if your commander and chief has the balls and intelligence to perform a coo to take power from the War industry to care for the American peoples then I hope you have the sense to support it.
    There is much news of the debt ceiling now. Do you know what the debt is? It is money borrowed by the nation to support the services and service industries while the main industry was being dismantled.
    This is monies lent with no expectation of being paid back. Who lends us great sums of money knowing it will not be paid back? Why its the same nations which are purchasing the American industry. This money will only continue to come as long as there is industry that requires dismantling.
    For those that do not understand: industry is what made America wealthy. It is industry that provided the funding for schools, police, hospitals and any other service you can think of. So would you buy from walmarts chinese products if you knew that it would cause your childs school to close next year?
    no you would not so to hide this outcome the money was borrowed to pay for what industry used to.
    When this money stops (and there is no reason for it to continue) then all services discontinue. Mass starvation and poverty that will equal a 3rd world nation will take place.

    this will happen whether Obama performs a coo or not, it is presently unavoidable.
    What is up for grabs is whether you help rebuild America or if you help the men of treason build a new American monarchy. (a monarchy is just families of war lords)

    if people of influence do not do their part to stop this it will happen. For the pig headed that would make claim that they could never bow to a king well after a few years of starvation and fear of black roaming gangs attacking and killing entire towns you will gladly accept the rule of an army willing to feed and protect you.

    Silly how proud and strong foolish people tend to feel when the media tells them to act a certain way.
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    Really south of the border
    Please tell me what we should be doing or what needs changing to avoid Obama's coo.

    Thank you for this very interesting post.


    ETA: I happen to be a person of very important influence; not sure where yet but I am certain it is.
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