California Uber Alles redux

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    Any Dead Kennedys fans? You might recall the band had a minor hit in 1980 with California Uber Alles, a scathing review of then California governor Jerry Brown:

    [ame=]California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys) - YouTube[/ame]

    A few years later, Biafra re-wrote the song for Ronald Reagan:

    [ame=]Dead Kennedys - We've got a Bigger Problem Now - YouTube[/ame]

    I thought I'd write a version for 2012. Hope you like it.

    I am tax and spend Barack Obama
    My speeches soar and I killed Osama
    Still, nobody can pay their rent.

    Individuals will soon go away
    I am now your god today
    Now I command all of you
    Now you’ll pray to me in school
    Or I’ll call you a racist too!

    California Uber Alles
    Uber Alles California

    EPA will control you
    And reading bills is unnatural
    Killing towel heads for the new world race
    What a smile, what a face!

    You closed your eyes, is Bush still here?
    Timmy Geithner’s cash is near
    Communists won’t come back you say
    Fly the flag and you will pay
    Fly the flag and you will pay!

    California Uber Alles
    Uber Alles California

    Welcome to 1984
    Are you ready for the new world order?
    You too will meet the PC police
    They’ve come for you and your teabagging niece

    Come quietly to nice camp
    Where freedom dies for the good of man
    Don’t you worry it’s for a cause
    Feeding global entitlement claws

    Die on drugs, obese and full of gas
    With Obamacare shoved up your ass
    Making money from unionization
    While socializing the entire nation

    California Uber Alles
    Uber Alles California
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