bylaw , state law , and US/Federal law?

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    I am wondering
    I know bylaw is (the towns law)
    I know state law is the (law of the state )
    I know US / Federal law is the (law over the country all states)

    But if we create a bylaw or state law or country law that conflicts with the other which one takes precedence or which one is enforced I am assuming it goes country law , state law , bylaw (town law) in theory.

    But is this not always the case when it comes to certain towns not agreeing with state or country ? I guess at this level it comes down to the larger body wanting to enforce it or if it is not a big deal to them they just say you can have that law... maybe I am wrong and their is a process the law has to go thru like supreme court , state court , town based court.

    Basically I want to know how the laws get straightened out when it comes to conflict of state , town , or country law for a particular place in the US.
    And who are the people involved in the process.
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