But I’ve watched Glenn Beck, and he taught me well. – Victoria Jackson

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    If I hadn’t seen Victoria Jackson myself at Tea Party last year and read her screed on Obama being a granny killer, I would have thought this was a clever parody. But in this clip form Fox & Friends -with friends like this who needs enemies?–the former Saturday Night Live cast member makes Steve Doocy look brilliant as she dishes up some doozies.

    After calling Obama a Communist–which Doocy gently rebukes–Jackson prattles on her impassioned baby voice about the perils of big government, and how she is looking forward to meeting Sarah Palin on the Tea Party Express in Nevada this weekend, concluding with

    Our government is all evil right now and someone’s got to do something.
    Oh and she thinks she’s a prophet!

    Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson: Glenn Beck Taught Her Well | La Figa


    Steve Doocy "rebukes" her for calling Obama a "communist"? Steve Doocy the "voice of reason"? Is this happening or is it the hash?

    Not only that, his "word of the day" actually rebukes her twice.

    When Fox rebukes someone for going too far right, then they have stepped over the line.

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