Bush Position On Torture & Spying Is Fascism

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    Bush Position On Torture & Spying Is Fascism

    Lee Rogers
    Rogue Government
    February 16, 2008

    Judging from George W. Bush’s recent statements on the FISA Amendments Act and the Intelligence Authorization Act, it is clear that he is using terrorism to convince people that they need to give him his way on these pieces of legislation. Bush is pressuring the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a version of the FISA Amendments Act that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies that illegally aided the government in spying without a warrant. The U.S. Senate has already passed a version of the bill which provides retroactive immunity, now Bush is demanding action from the other chamber of Congress. Bush has also said he would veto the Intelligence Authorization Act that was passed by the U.S. Senate which includes a section that would forbid the torture of detainees by the CIA. Bush specifically cited this clause as a reason why he would veto the bill. Bush is actually saying that lots of people could die if Congress does not provide retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies and the authority to torture. This is ridiculous, especially considering that major terror events like 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings point back to the very intelligence agencies that Bush wants to give these powers to. Bush’s position on these issues can be described as nothing less than fascism.

    Let’s look at what Bush has said on the FISA Amendments Act.

    “The House’s failure to pass the bipartisan Senate bill would jeopardize the security of our citizens. As Director McConnell has told me, without this law, our ability to prevent new attacks will be weakened. And it will become harder for us to uncover terrorist plots. We must not allow this to happen. It is time for Congress to ensure the flow of vital intelligence is not disrupted. It is time for Congress to pass a law that provides a long-term foundation to protect our country. And they must do so immediately.”

    So Bush is basically saying that people could die, unless he has the authority to direct the U.S. government to conduct spying without a warrant. The original Protect America Act gave the U.S. government the authority to spy on American citizens without a warrant so long as they reasonably believe a foreign national is involved. This means the government can reasonably believe whatever they want to believe without any sort of checks and balances. The original law itself is entirely unconstitutional and should be rendered null and void. Fortunately, the original Protect America Act was only passed for a temporary period of time. Now, Bush wants to make this unconstitutional law permanent, but the fact that he wants to give retroactive immunity to the telecommunication companies that participated in illegal activities is fascist in its very nature.

    Now let’s look at what Bush has said on the Intelligence Authorization Act that includes a provision to prevent the CIA from torturing people. The following is quoted by the American Free Press in reference to an interview he did with the BBC.

    "The reason I’m vetoing the bill — first of all, we have said that whatever we do … will be legal,"

    "Secondly, they are imposing a set of standards on our intelligence communities in terms of interrogating prisoners that our people will think will be ineffective."

    So Bush is saying that intelligence communities will not be effective in interrogating prisoners unless they can torture people. This is immoral, and there is no proof that torturing individuals provides good information that has been used to save American lives. The Bush administration has provided zero evidence that this is the case so we can assume that this is nothing more than propaganda.

    Bush is essentially admitting he is a fascist. He supports the use of government sanctioned torture and immunity for big corporations that have helped them with their illegal spy program. These are the types of activities that tyrannical governments have been involved with throughout history. The United States government is just the latest in a long line of tyrannical governments which is being steered by a fascist cabal of insane people.

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