Bush Fights Back, Defends Iraq War

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by jimnyc, Apr 11, 2004.

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    I spoke with my Dad last night and we discussed Sen. Kennedy and the comments he made in calling Iraq "Bush's Vietnam". He said he was disappointed that nobody from the Republican side stood up and defended Bush or lashed out at Kennedy's comments. He further stated that the President himself should be responding to these ridiculous words. The funny thing is - THEY HAVE BEEN RESPONDING! The liberal media has Kennedy's words plastered all over the place and there's barely a mention of the republicans responses. In fact, GWB responded the very next day. Why hasn't his response been covered as much as the bloated idiots words?

    (CNSNews.com) - A day after Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) compared President Bush to former President Nixon and called the war in Iraq Bush's Vietnam, the president fought back telling a crowd in El Dorado, Ark., that given the choice between taking the word of a madman and defending the nation, he would "defend America every time."

    Bush said the Sept. 11 attacks not only hurt the nation's economy, "it changed our outlook." Growing up in Midland, Texas, Bush said, "We thought oceans could protect us from harm's way." Back then, you could either deal with the threat or not "pretty well assured that you'd be safe here at home."

    But the Sept. 11 attacks changed all that, he said. "We have been on the offense since that day. We'll stay on the offense until those who have done us harm are brought to justice," Bush said.

    "Sept. 11 changed our calculation...when we see a gathering threat, we must deal with it before it materializes," the president said. "Threats are dealt [with] in different ways...not every threat is dealt with the way I decided to deal with the threat in Iraq."

    Bush reminded the audience that the U.S. Congress, people on both sides of the political aisle, looked at the same intelligence the Bush administration reviewed and saw a threat. "The United Nations Security Council looked at that intelligence and once again, it saw a threat," he said.

    The president recounted his speech before the United Nations Security Council, in which he said, "For 12 or 11 years you have said this man's a threat. Let's make your words mean something. If he's a threat, let's give him a chance to disarm one more time and get rid of his weapons programs."

    Bush said Saddam Hussein chose defiance over compliance, so the president had to make a choice: "do I trust the word of a madman, a tyrant, somebody who had used weapons of mass destruction on his own people and on countries within his neighborhood or do I remember the lessons of September the 11th and defend America?"

    "Given the choice between a madman and defending the country, I will defend America every time," he concluded.

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    I wonder why the media hasnt reported that.. hmmm

    I think thats the problem with the Dems. they are suggesting we trust an despot. They did it in the Cold War, they are doing it now. Yet they cant seem to see how crazy that is.

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