Bush And Neocons And Their Discredited Theories

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    ...Begging at the trough of world opinion is hardly a position that the NeoClowns started out prescribing for our great country...

    But faced with a world alienated by the NeoClown policy of Unilateralism and a domestic economy staggering under the burden of 1/2 Trillion deficit, the NeoClowns must now ask for multilateral support.

    The NeoClowns, you will recall, theorized the following:

    1. The War Would Be Easy. Blitzkreig. Topple Saddam quickly and secure the strategic ground--oil fields, airports, arms stashes.
    2. The War Would Be Cost-Effective. The Iraqi Oil Fields would underwrite the costs of the war.
    3. The War Would Be Popular. U.S. Troops would be greeted as Liberators and popular support would attend a relatively smooth reconstruction.
    4. The War Would Be Ultimately Supported By Our Allies. Once the overthrow was a 'fait accompli' our traditional allies would 'fall in line' (term used by Wolf-'Oh-Shit' to House Armed Services)
    5. The War Would Cause A Realignment In The Middle-East. The pragmatic Arab Powers would 'fall in line' behind the U.S.-Isreali-Iraq Axis and peace and that Iran and Syria would cower in the face of our decisive incursion into Iraq and the toppling of Hussein. Also important in this equaltion would be the cowering of the Republic of North Korea in both it's nuclear program and the export of material to middle-eastern countries.

    It now appears that the NeoClowns were wrong on all accounts.

    The war wasn't easy or cheap or popular. Our political miscalculations have lead to fatal errors on the ground. Putting Armored Battalions on the street as Peacekeepers and inadequately trained National Guard troops in a guerilla war arena was necessary because the International Community with expertise in Peacekeeping weren't going to bail out the NeoClown Cowboys who created this mess. And despite the recent resolution...it is doubtful that they will--at least until we get rid of f*cking Bush! As for the "Cowering" enemy--we now see that we did scare them--into reconstituting or expanding their nuclear weapons programs! Fear that Moron Bush will come after them next, has been very good for the hardliners in both Iran And North Korea.

    No room to go on, but the discredited NeoClowns will go down in history as presiding over the greatest political miscalculation since Hitler's decision to conduct a two-front war against England AND Russia.

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