Buffett's dad was the Ron Paul of his day

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    I came across this very interesting article. Seems the fruit did fall far away from the tree in this instance. Take the time to give it a read and realize that the libertarian roots run deep in this country. They are nothing new.

    Buffett's dad was the Ron Paul of his day | Campaign 2012

    In recent days, the Buffett name has become synonymous with support for higher taxes, but a long time ago, it was associated with fierce opposition to federal taxation and big government.

    Warren Buffett may be a committed liberal Democrat, but his father, Howard Buffett, was a four-term Republican member of Congress (1943-49 and 51-53), a John Bircher who fought FDR and warned that the expansion of government was eroding individual liberty.

    “Today’s situation is the result of an alarming and devious governmental intervention in the economic affairs of the nation for objectives not contemplated by the men who wrote the Constitution,” Buffett lamented in a lecture excerpted in the December 1956 issue of the libertarian journal The Freeman. “Historically, in America the producer was protected by government in the enjoyment of the fruits of his labors. That protection of his property explains the glorious material progress already recounted.”

    In the lecture, Buffett went on to observe that, “The last 40 years have seen a gigantic expansion of political power over economic affairs by the federal government. This change is linked by many scholars to the passage of the income tax law in 1913.”............
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    Granny says ol' Warren is right...
    Man Behind Obama’s 'Buffett Rule' Calls For Tax Fairness
    September 23, 2011 - One of the most controversial pieces of President Barack Obama’s economic plan is named for one of the richest men in the world. The president calls his proposal to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations “The Buffett Rule.” Some Republicans are calling it class warfare.

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