"Buffett Rule" IS THE EXCEPTION!!! as columnist LEARNS from the IRS!!!

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    My local paper ACLU card carrying opinion writer wrote today again that worn out totally inaccurate cliched :
    " asking millionaires to pay a higher rate than Warren Buffett's secretary."?

    The average columnist salary is $34,000, according to StateUniversity.com .
    Given your higher profile let's assume that your GROSS annual income before deductions is $60,000.

    How Much Does a Columnist Make? | eHow.com

    After taken mortgage interest deductions, sales tax deductions,etc...assume your taxable income is under $50,000.

    Did you know that ACCORDING to the IRS figures which if YOU really want the facts,
    you can download from here: SOI Tax Stats - Individual Statistical Tables by Size of Adjusted Gross Income
    that you are like the 9,307,802 tax filers in 2008 (AGAIN from the IRS) would have paid
    in taxes on average $3,384 which would be 11.85% of your taxable income??

    Don't repeat that worn out cliche regarding SS/Medicare payments are not included!
    THAT are not included because YOU will get that money back plus doubled because your employer matches it.

    When you retire it is RETURNED to you in monthly payments and Medicare benefits!

    LET ME REPEAT: YOUR tax rate is 11.85% of your taxable income of $50,000 in taxes.

    If you are honest, download the above file and learn that in 2008 there were 13,338 tax payers whose adjusted taxable income was $10 million or more (millionaires!).
    They paid an average of 26.13% of their taxable income or an average of $6,264,674 in taxes!

    NOW tell me .. Is 26.13% A HIGHER TAX RATE then 11.85%???

    So do you STILL want to stick to what you wrote today :

    "but at least asking millionaires to pay a higher rate than Warren Buffett's secretary."?

    Let's check Buffett's secretary's salary (since they don't have the guts to release it!!!)

    List of SOC Occupations
    Occupation: Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants
    total in the USA according 1,132,070
    with an average salary of $45,860

    According to the above IRS table if his secretary fit that description she paid LIKE YOU 11.85%!!

    Lower then Buffett's 17% and
    two times lower then the 26.13% the 13,338 millionaires paid!

    So please either correct me if I'm wrong OR stop supporting the totally FALSE statement that has been used which is NOT A RULE, not a common occurrence as Obama falsely calls the "BUFFETT RULE"???

    Buffett IS the EXCEPTION - not the RULE!

    Buffett's secretary PAYS a lower rate then Buffett!

    To repeat because some of you are slow..
    A) If Buffett's secretary had taxable rate of 11.85% LESS
    B) Buffett's 17% which makes Obama a liar.
    C) Average million tax filer paid double the RATE 26% then the 11% for the $50k filer!
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    Medicare goes to illegal aliens, handicapped, and the poor. It's a tax used to fund programs for people haven't paid into it. It's also blank-check socialism (which is less efficient than Commie socialism), so the actual benefit to those who paid in is only a tiny fraction of what is spent for them. It's a tax, it hurts people like a tax, and people only get a little benefit of what the pay in.

    For the rich, their companies pay for their cell phones (top of the line, with the highest monthly rate), their vacations, their cars, etc. The value of these "business use" personal benefits never shows up as income on his tax form. They're paying a smaller percentage than the IRS numbers show.

    There are many more reasons why the claims that the rich pay more are false.

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