Bristol Palin: Mom 'Definitely Knows' If She Is Running Or Not

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    This was this morning and it's going to stir the pot with the media. For them to now know that she has made up her mind if she is going to run or not and the media can't get any answers will drive them insane. This brilliant move by Bristol this morning will alter other candidates future decisions. If Palin enters then Pawlenty, Santorum and Cain would definitely have to bail out of the race because Palin will take all focus off of them completely. Bachmann wouldn't stand a chance and Romney I feel would be in jeopardy because of his problem with Romneycare which was a utter failure.

    Bristol Palin | Sarah Palin Definitely Knows | President | RealClearPolitics

    Bristol Palin tells "FOX & Friends" that her mother, former Gov. Sarah Palin, has made up her mind and "definitely" knows if she is going to run for President or not.

    BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX & FRIENDS: "Do you get the sense that your mom has not made up her mind yet or do you think she knows and hasn't told told?"

    BRISTOL PALIN: "You know, she definitely knows. We've talked about it before. Some things just need to stay in the family."

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