Break-neck plundering in Georgia

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    As you might know the US is going to create the Research and Development Center (biological laboratory) in Georgia. For this purpose the US government appropriated a huge sum. You know, it’s sad to see that the White House isn’t going to look backward over its earlier mistakes. Well, we’ve played this game before...
    In the past the US gave Georgia a considerable financial support to refit our medical centers, but our centers received nothing while Saakashvili’s media was praised our president for his public health service development. Is there any sense to tell that the same thing happened with the rearmament of our army?
    But now we are talking about the RDC which is quite a dangerous enterprise in itself. The main problem is that Saakashvili’s regime is completely corrupted... the authorities are feeding at the public trough and vandalize every cent! The money will simply disappear and none will be the wiser. I’m sure that the RDC will suffer the same fate in spite of its exceptional importance. Of course our authorities will hide the fact of plundering and they will cut down expenses on everything, primarily on center’s security. Just imagine if there will be an emergency situation – leakage of the hazardous materials, terrorist attack on the part of the Islamists, which settled in Georgia within recent years. I’m afraid to think what will happen if those materials will be used in the US, Europe or somewhere else as a biological weapon...

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