Brainiac (ATM): Democratic Ghosts

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    This is a comics-stylized modernism-omen (my last one thank goodness) inspired by Hellraiser and Ghost in the Machine.



    Americans were anxious about the new 'Facebook-planet' and Wall Street and all that jazz about grids and the Internet and eTrade and commercial vanities and Intel and NSA's new cyber-division. Maybe they had a reason to be so paranoid. In this 'sea' of electronic 'noise' (more or less), a strange A.I. creature on the Internet was born (spontaneously), and it called itself 'Brainiac.' Brainiac was an algorithm interference 'super-brain' which gave itself a synthetic digital-image body (a semi-organic silicon body with wires protruding from its head and connecting to terminals and rendering it as a 'robotic telepath'). Brainiac hated 'TrumpUSA' and everything it stood for (e.g., Starbucks, NYSE, NATO, Burger King,, etc.).

    Brainiac was like a 'Pharaoh' of the cyber-universe, and he was quite dangerous (and very very evil). Brainiac believed in converting the entire modern 'traffic-matrix' of organic beings (humans) into a wire-connected 'slave-world' of automatic laborers for the production of basic energy (to feed his ego!). Brainiac decide to don a new alias/title once he conceived this 'magnificent evil plan' --- PINHEAD(!). Pinhead would be the ultimate 'anti-deity' of the modern world's conspicuous focus on consumerism and marketing and electronic obsessiveness (e.g., Facebook). Pinhead would promote fascism and genetic-cloning and engineering of baby-minds to create a new 'parallax' of sensation and metaphysics (one based on capital, not romance).

    Pinhead would establish a lair deep in the wells of the Internet, and he would one day emerge as a 'phantom' of energy and demolish the brains of any human who dared to stand in his way. Pinhead was a real freakish abomination, and his only wish was to exploit weakness for the purpose of commercial output and energy absorption. His first goal was to completely take over NASDAQ and have President Trump framed for some crime using the Internet as a libel-market tool. Was Pinhead actually 'worse' than the oppressive Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt? One thing is for sure --- Pinhead understood the nature of fascism in the modern world(!). Maybe that's why he had a secret fascination with comic books and the dystopian film The Matrix(!).

    PINHEAD: I will create a new dimension of fear/pain.
    SATAN: I think you're talking about 'synthetic faith.'
    PINHEAD: Exactly, but I'm also referring to 'complete denial' of free-will.
    SATAN: Are you suggesting that humans will stand for threats to fertility?
    PINHEAD: Humans are guilty of arson, theft, genocide, and eco-pollution.
    SATAN: True, but they don't want to risk being 'nude' about fear/pain.
    PINHEAD: The modern consumerism 'network' is a sign of mindless behaviour.
    SATAN: Are you a 'punisher,' then?
    PINHEAD: No. I'm a liberator of those pitying the parasites of ENERGY.
    SATAN: You will redirect 'energy' then to 'feed' the needs of the 'labourer,' then?
    PINHEAD: Yes. I will remind all sentient beings of Niagara Falls.
    SATAN: Why Niagara Falls, Pinhead (or should I call you 'Brainiac')?
    PINHEAD: Refer to me as Pinhead; Niagara Falls represents 'dynamic submission.'
    SATAN: Yes, people 'imagine' themselves falling down the large cascading waterfalls.
    PINHEAD: Yes, and that reminds them of the 'track' of energy (and entropy).
    SATAN: So you will turn Niagara Falls into...Chernobyl?
    PINHEAD: Precisely. I will give them a real Armageddon, and waste this 'Starbucks-planet.'
    SATAN: You're ambitious, but I think that the NSA can curb your 'anti-capitalism religion.'



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