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    Im putting this here because someone who works at the Brian Terry BP station told me that there were drug smugglers involved in the incident, there was a article in the local paper written on the accounts of a sherrif deputy and a BP agent who went back to the scene and talked about the non BP boot prints at the scene and the indentations on the ground of a bundle of marijuana.
    It upsets me that nothing about the bullet found in Ivies head was tested to match either of the two other agents guns, and that the other two agents have yet to be identified and speak out on the subject. It is also clear that they were in radio contact
    Smuggling activity at scene of Border Patrol shooting | The Sierra Vista Herald
    It requires a membership to read the whole article but the title helps sugest my point. As for why this would be covered up, the BP would never want one of there fallens killers run free, and dont take this as a anti Obama post but, after the fast and the furious death of Brian Terry, Obama was under alot of stress, stress he may not of wanted in the upcoming weeks of the election.

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